Dan Bellow - Freak of the Week

Dan Bellow is a friend and amazing potter living and working in Great Barrington, MA.  He makes stunning porcelain dinnerware that is at once, sturdy, stout, utilitarian and fluid.  His work feels good in your hand.  For years my family has had a mis-matched brew of Salvation Army, craft show, and gifted dishes.   At Alchemy Initiative’s Handmade Holiday Festival 2010 our Dan Bellow collection began.  We now have matching plates (all intact – as they are robust) and a couple of the most amazing Morning Coffee mugs.  (I made up that name – as I dig through the cupboard seeking my favorite.)

Last summer my girls and I stopped in for a studio visit when Dan was in full tilt production for Anthropologie.  This Spring Dan will conjure up an Alchemy Initiative mug to sell for my favorite not for profit organization.  He will be using clay stamps from my Dad’s pottery studio.  My Dad, John ffrench, passed away two years ago and was an internationally recognized potter of note, himself.  Dan and he were friends and shared a passion for literature, good humor, high-jinx and beautiful, handmade things.  You can find Dan’s work at Anthropolgie shops and catalog, among other boutique galleries nationwide.