Creative Genius Award

This is Ella, my dear friends' daughter who interned at The Dolphin Studio this past summer where and when we printed the 41st edition (of 2100) of The Dolphin Studio Calendar. (That is A LOT of printing!) Ella is a dab-hand at racking paper and has an eagle eye for quality. She counted thousands of prints, packaged them in bundles of 500 and carefully moved the heavy packs without a glitch. Once a week her mom, Georgene, would make the trek to Pittsfield and drop Ella off for the day. At first she was a bit shy, engaging in conversation as needed - asking questions and working hard. Her quiet demeanor was never rude but not really forth-coming. As the summer wore on, all sorts of interesting and amazing facts were shared. These sticker 'garments' were one of the most notable. Shown here is Ella's Halloween costume from 2010. It is completely constructed of stickers found in junk mail and the like. No pattern was used and there is nothing else - just stickers. It is apparent to me that this young teen is going places! Thank you for all your help this summer Miss Ella. We miss you now that you are back in school!