Metropolitan Magic

Introducing the newest addition to my shop.

Polly ~ she is a Metropolitan 950-CDD2 cover stitch, built in 1929.

Liz Olney - old friend and leather artist extrodinaire, had this beauty sitting in her hallway for 12 years collecting dust.  I knew she had the machine not in use and have finally gotten around to producing some solid new work using sweatshirts for raw material.  A Cover Stitch is just what I needed to create the finish I had in mind!


I called my friend Dave, high school comrade/talented industrial sewing machine mechanic, and asked him to come up to put the machine in good working order.  When researching, the only information he could find was on the Smithsonian website!  He tuned her up and oiled her top to bottom - now she is purring just like a kitten and I am churning out a whole new body of work!

Great friends with history - nothing better!