Supporting Recycled or Handmade

I am working to reduce the size of the footprint my family and I leave in our wake as we adventure through life here on Earth.  We recycle and compost our household waste, reducing the volume of waste headed to our local incineration plant.  Our kitchen is vegetarian.  By not eating meat at home, we demand less energy to live while reaping the health benefits of vegetarianism. My latest resolve is to buy as little as possible, really being present to what is needed versus desired.  Handmade and/or used alternatives are often available to meet my needs.  While buying a lot less saves money, and committing to spending locally on handmade and recycled whenever possible I support small producers, and makers, thrift shops, swaps, and friends.  As part of my desire to promote this way of Minimal Consumption consumerism I have decided to chronicle my purchases to get a better handle on the specifics myself, while helping to spread the good word.

iPhone Case:

As is the case with many of the handmade purchases I make, this little treasure was found on Etsy.  At $35 it was the same price – or a little less expensive than the petroleum based plastic ones sold at the Apple Store.  It was made in China, by someone who emailed me and sent it along with postage paid in beautiful Chinese stamps – worth collaging or collecting.  Renewable bamboo, clean design, it fits well in my hand and on my phone.  On a scale from 1-10, this is a 8.  Good quality, nice feel, great service, just have to wonder about the making process.  How handmade is it - seems machine tooled.  I do love it either way.