Creative Genius Award

Drum roll please . . . .   .   .    .     .     .

And the winner is ~~~~~ Molly de St Andre of Moho Designs with the amazing Avacado Valentine's Day Card.  It arrived right on time in a fat little green envelope - humm handwritten address, oh and it is from the cute girl who spent an afternoon with her French cutie-pie hubby, in the studio helping me revamp a Filbar Jr Screen Printing press.

I fell speechless as I opened the treasure pictured above.  It was carried around in my bag until today and was shown to all the creativity appreciators that crossed my path since February 14.  Wow!  Hand screen printed on two sides, in three colors, on beautiful heavy paper.  Carefully measured, scored, folded and cut to revert back into its envelope chrysalis metamorphasizing before the most unexpecting eyes, and hands, into the amazing butterfly that it is.  Thank you Molly for sharing this and your being on this earth.  Lucky to have crossed paths with you and Aurel - may it happen often.