Sweater Alchemy 101

21.Patterns My new friend Wendy took my Sweater Making workshop earlier this year, where we became fast friends.  She is an old school recycled clothing alchemist using vintage western shirts, lovely rayon dresses and the like for her Californian chain of clothing boutiques in the 1970’s.  While I was reading Little House on the Prairie on my mother’s lap, Wendy was conjuring up magic by redesigning and producing used clothing reconstructions.  Many years later our paths cross and it is apparent from the beginning we are deep-rooted kindred spirits.  How nice!

Wendy offered me the idea to make patterns for teaching Sweater Making workshops.  With her help, I was able to put the idea to the test while presenting my recent Kripalu 4 day intensive.  Patterns proved to be a welcome tool to students (and allowed me more creative time to design too!)  Beauty of it all is that the patterns come with directions and are very flexible, allowing sewers to morph and change them to make many different style garments.  They are now available in my online shop for $35, along with Sweater Chop Shop, the teaching book I wrote with Storey Publishing.  My passion is spreading the word on how to be creative in an affordable and environmentally sustaining way.  People find it empowering!