Alchemy - Potholder Rugs

19.Rug I was recently asked what Alchemy means to me.  I spent time pondering, realizing, my answer.

The act of creating Alchemy is what rocks my world and inspires me to continue grooving along my path.  There have been luminous moments in my life when it has been crystal clear that what I am doing is just that – achieving Alchemy.  Magic moves through me, exiting, as my hands make.

Making my first Potholder Rug gave me such satisfaction.  That rug is now 19 years old and in great shape.  This weekend a Potholder Rug Weaving workshop will be taking place in my studio.  Twelve people will arrive on Saturday morning with only an inkling of how it is done.  Each will leave at the end of the day, with a rug under their arm, knowing how to create something useful from something thrown away using only the simplest tools.  A pile of old t-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts will under-go transformation similar to a caterpillar in a cocoon.