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3.28 finding materialGetting Started

We had a nice group in the studio yesterday at my Sweater Making Workshop. Each person made a truly unique and lovely sweater. It empowers me to know that they each went home with a head full of inspiration and a new sweater on their back to encourage them to continue! One of them sent me this: Sweater 002 You GO Cynthia! That is the sweater she made yesterday and a copy of my book. Her sister lives "down under" and visited the studio on her last trip to Pittsfield.

Lorimer Burns Ceramics Booth Sign 3.28 Lorimer Burns Ceramics Lorimer Burns Ceramics - Booth Sign

My friend Lorimer Burns makes beautiful ceramics that she has sold at our Handmade Holiday Festival for the last two years running. She needed an adaptable booth sign to hang at the shows that she does and asked me to make her one. It was a really fun project that inspired me to make more signs. Keep your eyes peeled in my shop for OPEN/CLOSED signs and maybe some others. Email me if you like the look and have any signage needs to discuss.