Chapter's End

Gone?It has been a long blog silence. For those of you who know me, you know that my husband and kids have been staying in my childhood home, in Stockbridge, MA since shortly before Thanksgiving when my dear friend and father got really sick with cancer. Sadly . . . . or beautifully, he passed over to the next plane of consciousness on January 22 at home with love all around. He had chosen to be home while he ailed. We filled his days with music, company, poetry, good food and lots of love. The whole process was more than magical to experience. I would not trade the time we spent together for anything! While sadness adds weight to my heart in fleeting moments of the day, mostly I feel blessed to have had my dad as a dad. He did a great job of parenting through all the stages of my life. We had adventures, got up to mischief and experienced a bond and connection held by few it seems. Chris, the kids, and I are preparing to head home to Pittsfield this weekend. It is only 12 miles away and I am excited to get back into a routine of walking for transportation and healthy eating. Stay tuned for more frequent entries here and thank you for all the prayers, cards, kind words, and heartfelt hugs through what could have been a terrible transition but is actually a graceful passing without much suffering. The blessings are notable in my everyday. The universe provides.