Rosie the Riveter

11.11.09 Dickies Since my book, The Sweater Chop Shop, was released in August, and all manner of crafty people have been inspired to make with sweaters I have been working on the next big thing.  As any of you who have been scouring your local thrift shops know, wool sweaters are not that easy to find.  While the studio here is still chock full of nearly 10,000lbs of wool, I am inspired to make with t-shirts.  Here is the FIRST shirt I made - The Dickies Theme will be appreciated most by my Kripalu workshop students.  We all got belly laughing about dickies and now here the theme chases us!  Funny thing is that I didn't even dig deep into the pile to find the emblem - sitting right on top begging to be incorporated!

You can see this one and a few others of my brand new offerings along with the tried and true favs this weekend at Twist in Northampton.  Check this link for directions and hours.  Last year it was a bunch of fun - party atmosphere with a room full of mostly young talented creators.