Living/Working in The Shire

11.14.09 Last month I taught a workshop at Kripalu, which I feel blessed to have near-by.  This was the view overlooking Lake Mahkeenac (we always called it The Stockbridge Bowl growing up but I prefer to use its native name - so much prettier!)  Living in this place is quite magical - surrounded by so much natural beauty.  Since I gave up my car I realize what a luxury it is to have time to spend outdoors in nature.  Most urban dwellers have to make a big effort to get off the pavement and onto soft ground.

Working here has many rewards too - while my work keeps me indoors most of the time, I love what I do and am excited with the consistently exuberant response to my workshops.  I have posted my 2010 workshop schedule on my site calendar.  To make it easier at a glance click here for the full year on a page.

Workshops are $150 per day, at the end of which, students have a completed product and the skill to make more!  Days begin at 11am and finish at 5pm and include the use of all tools and materials as well as a healthy lunch.

In addition to the scheduled workshops - held in my studio in Pittsfield, MA, I am available to come to you to teach.  For this my fee is $1500 per day plus travel expenses.  Your group can be up to 10 students and subject matter can be individualized for the setting and group.  Please email me to discuss your interests.

Gift Certificates are available for giving - you can buy them from my shop.