A Day in The Life

11.19 BillboardOne of the things I have been doing to 'walk my talk' is just that - walking, instead of driving. My car did not warrant expensive repairs back around labor day and ever since I have been either riding my bicycle, walking, or taking the bus for transportation. My husband has a truck and we really don't need two vehicles, they are expensive in so many ways!

Here is the billboard I pass on my way back from dropping off my girls at their babysitter's farm. My life has been all about Handmade Holiday Festival preparations for more than a month. The Festival has grown and become a lot more organized this year. I hope you can come! December 4 is our fundraiser preview party from 5-8pm. $25 at door to support The Alchemy Initiative. Email me, or leave a comment here if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities - we will be eternally grateful for any amount of support.

The Handmade Holiday Festival continues on December 5 from 10-6pm and Sunday the 6 from 12-4. In addition to Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Roping, amazing baked goods, lunch, and our regions best and most interesting crafters, there will be horse drawn carriage rides from 12-4 on both Saturday and Sunday. Admission to the sale on the weekend is $2 - kids under full grown are free. Horse drawn carriage rides are $3 per person.

Please come visit!

11.19 reflective studio iron

11.19 safety pins and in progress blankets