Live Auction

In case you haven't heard, I have just released my first book, The Sweater Chop Shop.  On August 27th from 6-9pm there will be a book release party to celebrate.  Please come! At the party there will be a live auction selling all the items photographed for illustrations.  All auction proceeds will support Alchemy Initiative - the development project happening at our former church and rectory right in the heart of Pittsfield (Shire City), Massachusetts.  There are forty items to be auctioned - each 'item' includes a signed copy of my book ($18.95 value).  Prices will likely range from $50 to $500 so please don't be shy, leave a comment and contact us by email and let us know your top bid for any pictured item, we will keep your credit card info handy and have on site volunteers who will bid live, on the 27th for you.  I am even hoping to have a webcam set-up and possibly twitter bidding so tech savvy off-site viewers can stay tuned live!  (I have my fingers crossed!) Please Note:

This is a really big accomplishment for me!