4th of July Weekend in the Berkshires

Traditionally the 4th of July is the start of our tourist season here in the rolling hills of western MA. As a kid it meant inhanced possibilities for high-jinx. As an adult there is still that sort of magic that comes with jumping into the height of 'the season' as well as other more mundane concerns like timing errands, grocery shopping, and trans-county travel. This year the weather has been pretty unusual - lots of rain. Rain that sort of sneaks up on you and then leaves as abruptly as it arrived with a drenching soak in its wake. The garden is GREEN - and my laundry on the SLOW cycle!

On account of the un-summer-like weather I sort of forgot what Great Barrington is like during this season. None- the less, Berkshire Arts Festival at Ski Butternut in Great Barrington was a lot of fun on Friday – the girls had a great time while I was able to browse the great quality crafts – always with one eye on the bouncing kids.

Notable was the stained glass mosaic work done by a guy from Maplewood, NJ named Michael Solomon.

A family from Maine who made super cool spinklers - the girls got soaked - and LOVED it! When I find their card I will post a link.

Friends and I had gone to seek out a dear friend and future Alchemy Initiative workshop teacher, Janice Shields - of Cut It Out. When the daily drench surprised us we headed for the car without finding our friend.

It was great to soak up some D for a while anyway.

The girls were most impressed with the homemade small farm icecream and the chairlifts. They would like to get one.

Friday night I got a couple hours in the studio – finished a trio of baby blankets. My heart is content when making – edging blankets with just the right touch of color and texture sensation that magical stripe around the outside, completing things. Ohmmmmm

This morning I wound up posting the three in my shop. You can see them on the left hand side bar – if you click it you can see all the things for sale there.

Hung the laundry in the fleeting sunshine then off the the parade with the girlies while Chris was working on some plumbing next steps at the Farmhouse. Funny to think that we were all sporting windbreakers and sweatshirts on this normally HOT day in the Berkshires!

The Baltimore Police Association Marching Band was our favorite! They had go-go girls in swishy beaded skirts and tassled boots, a man who filled the space in the circle of a tuba belting out the low notes and a jumpin'jivey beat.

Alot of the participants are very serious - there are banners from sponsors that go by without any accompanyment - droopy kids on either end of the banner shuffling along wishing the parade was shorter.

The multi cultural dancers were bright and cheery as were the Dalton Firemen who cartwheel on demand! I think I saw Richie Rich in giant balloon form. There is a funny memory associated with that character that will have to be saved for another time. Every year I think how much a little added creativity would enhance the festivities. One year I will think of it in time to do something about it! Bread and Puppet-esque figures, art cars, crazy handmade bikes. This year I have a lot of creativity swelling up in and around me. It is fun and demanding of my time in the best way.