Recycling Trash in Ireland

Since our arrival I have been carefully separating our trash in the same way we do at home. Plastic, cans, glass and paper, then compost, and finally household trash. As the stuff was accumulating I was working to learn the Irish standards for this part of our consumption. So far I have found this. A bank of receptacles, found in every community, for all different colored glass (must be separated by color), and beverage cans (must be crushed). There was no place for any sort of plastics, paper, or other sorts of cans. My work to figure it out continues.
While grocery stores charge for shopping bags in an effort to reduce litter, I have noticed that there is a lot of trash on the beaches and roadsides. People are shameless about tossing stuff out their car windows as they hurtle along on the very narrow and windy Irish roads.

As far as the compost goes, we fed it to the cows across the street.