Cyber Magic

I am learning so much every day about the internet and how to use it best as a tool for marketing and general communication.
The latest is a calendar I am working on developing in google that will be searchable for all the events and happenings around here (and there are sooo many exciting things it is hard to stay focused on anything else!). So the learning and the excitement are culminating! So cool.

In the future there will be some sort of cool looking link to the calendar page but for right now today you can just search my measly beginning of a calendar there by going to google calendar and looking for crispinaffrench.

It will be filled with lots more soon so check back whenever you can.

It has been a challenge to make myself take time for cardio vascular challenges. I love to be outdoors and not that enthusiastic about treadmills or gyms.
I did get a good three mile trail run in yesterday. This morning Okemo and I found ourselves at the dog park but it was really really cold!