Tech Help and Tidbits - GO OBAMA

Hi There,

Sorry for the long silence. I have been in edit mode DEEP. Working on the teaching book I have in the works. This week I am illustrating which is fun and time consuming so not alot of time to catch up here. I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to put my google account on my blogger account? It is sometimes very hard to update my blog because I set it up ages ago using a different email address than the gmail address I now have. Every time I go into blogger it tells me that I need to update my account with a google account. When I try to do that, it tells me that it is not possible to use a gmail account as the primary email address for the blog. - I thought that is what blogger was asking me for - my google account - which I think - is my gmail account. Blogger help is a bit of misnomer in this situation. Does anyone have advice for me? Sorry to be so needy in the tech dept but this has me confused.
I would love to stay in better touch and I think help in this area would be a great first step.

Tidbits for the last 2 weeks:
We went to Sarah Humphrey and Gary Rowe's wedding on a super RAINY day at the end of September. It was in Norwell, MA in a LOVELY spot! We stayed with my dear friend Filis Warren in Stoneham. The girls were all dressed up in their best dresses and new shoes. We all had a BLAST dancing and playing and giving all our best love vibes to the newly weds.

Sweater Making workshop coming up on October 19. Need to fill a few more spots for the all day 10-4 event. All materials and tools are included for $150 - which includes lunch too. Join in the fun and spread the word!

I postponed my fall Studio Sale and Giant Studio Tag Sale until November - still need to pick a date so stay tuned on that.

If you live in Massachusetts, the deadline to register to vote is October 15. Please vote for change and fair representation. GO OBAMA!