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Weave a Potholder Rug PDF

$ 25.00 USD

Product Details

Learn how to make a Potholder Rug! Hand-drawn illustrations in this 7-page DIY tutorial show the exact steps for upcycling old clothing and material to create a beautiful, durable potholder rugs. Please note: This tutorial does not include directions on how to make a loom. Looms are available for purchase in my Etsy shop. This Potholder Rug tutorial is included with the purchase of a loom. Potholder Rugs use a lot of material with very little waste. The average 2.5x3.5ft rug made on our standard-sized Potholder Rug loom, weighs 7lbs. Figure there is a 30% waste factor so you will need about 10 lbs of raw material garments to make your first rug. Keep in mind that different kinds of fiber weigh substantially differing amounts — an XXL Fleece weighs a lot less than an XXL Cotton Sweatshirt. I encourage you to use my technique as much as you desire. Kindly credit me when using this technique that I have devised and developed since 1990. See below for the story of how Potholder Rugs came to be!