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SOLD - can't find after rhinebeck show - Upcycled Blankets - Denim Picnic Blanket # 21

$ 395.00 USD

Product Details

<p>These might be the best picnic blankets in the world.</p> <p>They are made from 8 pairs of cast away denim jeans that are cut and durably sewn with encased seams for years of wear and tear. In addition to being great for a real live picnic on the shores of a secluded cool babbling riverside swimming hole, they are great for beach-going, a cool evening cocktail on the porch swing, a table cloth to dress things up for company or even as a bed topper in the kids summer room.</p> <p>Each one is a little different, grass stains and paint splatters included along with a collection of super cool patches to enhance any worn spots or holes. Measures approximately 54�۝ x 70.�۝ Machine Wash and Dry.��</p> <p>��</p>