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SUBSCRIPTION - Five Seasonal Garland Kits

$ 360.00 USD

Product Details

<p>Sign up for a year-long subscription, receive FIVE intentional garland kits, and save $75 (versus buying the individual kits)! Please note: a $60 shipping fee for all five garlands is INCLUDED in the price of the subscription. Please contact us for shipping options if you live outside of North America.</p> <p>We design a new seasonal garland five times each year, and carefully cut, curate, and bundle the pieces into a kit so you can easily sew the garland yourself. Keep it for your own home or make it as a heartfelt gift.</p> <p>You�۪ll receive the following garlands:Winter ��� shipping starts November 15, 2018 Valentine�۪s Day ��� shipping starts Jan 15, 2019Spring ��� shipping starts March 1, 2019���� Summer ��� shipping starts June 1, 2019�� Autumn ��� shipping starts Sept 1, 2019���� Samples of past, current, and upcoming designs are shown here. A limited number of kits are created each season. You won�۪t miss out with a subscription!</p> <p>Sew your own garland from recycled clothing and tapestries, collaged with a rich array of fabrics, vintage buttons, and appliqu̩s. You can even sew into each piece a little note of intention for the things you want and deserve in the coming season. Packaged in adorable hand-screenprinted envelopes.</p>