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Recycled Sweater Blanket - Pinks and Polka Dots

$ 775.00 USD

Product Details

My blankets are made from felted wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair and angora sweaters. We scour thrift shops for the most amazing natural fiber sweaters we can find. In addition, DeLiCiouS clothing donations come my way from friends and acquaintances near and far. Sweaters are machine washed and dried in good hot water with a bio-degradable/non-toxic soap to clean and shrink them. Once they are pulled from the drier they are sorted by texture and color. Only the most lusciously felted fabrics are used for blankets. We make each blanket paying special attention to every detail – including original sweater details wherever possible (buttons, plackets, pockets) and placing colors and patterns with intention. They are a single layer of fabric - with shapes meticulously inlaid and edges carefully zig-zag stitched together leaving no raw edges or bulky seams. Speaking of intention, ours is to create blankets that will last and be loved for generations. Creating cozy memories all the while. They can be gently washed and laid flat to dry – try to steer clear of dry cleaning as it is laden with toxicity that we all should avoid. Detailed cleaning instructions are available on my website. www.crispina.com This blanket is mostly wool and edged with velvet. It measures 60”x60”. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and here on Etsy. Thanks for looking!