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Potholder Rug Looms in Three Sizes

$ 185.00 USD

Product Details

Strong and durable, these sturdy looms are made with heavy duty hardware and natural wood.  They are easy to dismantle for storage and will arrive to you with simple assembly instructions.  See the link below for assembly tutorial (assembly requires a Phillips head screw driver to affix the corner bolts)

The large loom makes approx. 30"x 40" (75cm x 100cm) Potholder Rugs (perfect for in front of the kitchen sink or entryway)
The medium loom makes approx. 21"x 30" (50cm x 75cm) Potholder Rugs (think bathmat)
The small loom makes approx. 15"x 15" (38cm x 38cm) Potholder Rug Squares (chair pads or components for bigger rugs)

Potholder Rugs are made just like the little potholders you might have made as a child — just a lot bigger.

A potholder rug weaving tutorial PDF is included in your loom purchase.  

When I first introduced Potholder Rugs to the marketplace back in 1990 people went kinda nuts ~ Oh My Goodness! It is a giant potholder! And then when they walked on them -ESPECIALLY with bare feet, they were sold. Now it has been 30 years and you know what? I am still using the very first potholder rug known to planet Earth. It made its debut as my bedroom carpet, then did a stint in my son, Ben's nursery when he was just a little one. Admittedly the first-ever Potholder Rug is a just a little faded now, having spent its last year in the sun-drenched meeting room at my studio. Still as cheerfull and comfy as ever - and made completely from materials that were not being used for other products in my collection. Potholder Rugs can actually be made from any stretchy used clothing. You will learn all about the making process with the PDF included with the loom.

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Thank you for your interest in keeping unwearable clothing out of the landfill.

Here is a video to show you how simple it is to assemble your loom: https://youtu.be/6VKfyX-Z0Eo

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Shipping on this listing is for the large loom.  Shipping for Small or Medium looms is less and the difference will be refunded at time of shipping.