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Potholder Rug

$ 1,607.00 USD

Product Details

My Potholder Rugs are inch thick floor cushions that massage bare feet with every step. They are durable, warm in the winter and cool in summer and come in a wide array of rich colors and combinations of colors. Each one is hand woven on giant frame looms in Becket MA with care, attention to detail, and environmental concern. I make them out of cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts, wool sweaters and any other type of stretchy discarded clothing. This one is a work of art! We took 49 potholder chair pads and wove them together to create this beauty. They are easy care. You can vacuum them easily, steam clean, dry clean or machine wash them. They should be air dried and do require a few days for drying completely. Place them in the sun on a deck or over a banister where there is air circulation. Leslie says dry them on a hammock. That sounds like a really good idea!