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Pixelated Heart Throw Blanket - 46" X 58" lite

$ 620.00 USD

Product Details

Squares of the highest quality recycled wool and cashmere are sewn edge to edge with a RED heart centered in multi-colored patterns. This 46" X 58" throw blanket is wonderful for the back of a couch or as a bed topper. Warm and beautiful - also often used as a wall hanging. Each blanket I make is made with love and one of a kind. Will serve as a family heirloom - designed to last generations. Stay warm, positive, smile and know that by supporting recycling and recyclers you are helping to change the world for the better. Come visit my website and read my blog at: http://crispina.com/ You can pin me on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/crispinaffrench/ Thanks for looking!