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Potholder Rug Loom Kits in Three Sizes

$ 100.00 USD

Product Details

These KITS contains the materials needed to build your own loom - lumber cut to length and notched at ends, the required number of screws. Strong and durable, they come in 3 sizes.

SMALL: this small loom will make 14"x 14" (36cm x 36cm) potholder chair pad.

MEDIUM: this loom will make perfectly sized (35"x20") bathmats and doormats in Potholder style!

LARGE: this loom will make 30"x 40" (75cm x 100cm) Potholder Rugs.

Potholder Rugs are made just like the little potholders you might have made as a child — just a lot bigger. We’ll send along a rug weaving tutorial PDF (a $25 value!) and you can find a loom assembly video here. Looms are easily dismantled for storage and shipping. The only tool needed to assemble and disassemble the loom is a Phillips head screw driver. Loom kits are made in batches and take up to 4 weeks for shipping. I introduced Potholder Rugs in 1990 and have developed the process over the years. The weaving material is cut from discarded clothing, and pretty much anything can be used, although knits are my preference. I use t-shirts, sweatshirts, wool and cashmere sweaters. Leggings, odd socks, and stretch pants work, too. I offer hands-on learning at my Potholder Rug Weaving workshops — check out my upcoming classes!