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Artist, Educator, Empowerer, Plant Eater,
Nature Lover, Cookie Baker, Climate Change Activist
I’m glad you are here, Now let’s make shift happen.

CIRCLE Subscription! Starts September 15th!

$ 27.00 USD

Product Details

<p>A monthly motivation and inspiration subscription called Circle designed to keep you (and me) accountable to our dreams/goals/life�۪s work.</p> <p>Kicks Off September 15th!!!</p> <p>Subscriptions are mailed mid-month in the snail mail and include:�� An inspirational hand-pulled screenprint suitable for framing (kinda like an uplifting meme - only, to hang on your wall)�� A simple tutorial for something recycled ��� with supporting video online�� A high-value coupon code, special offer, or freebie�� A Monthly Mantra �� A Book Recommendation�� and ��Participation in a private online forum�� All for $27 a month.</p> <p>Are you interested in getting a cute little piece of handprinted artwork in the mail each month?�� Are you really happy to support an artist on a magical journey to a life filled with spreading kindness and human value?�� Maybe you are into finding a path to the life of your dreams and you are ready to make the changes you need to achieve your goals?�� Maybe Circle will be just the right amount of encouragement and accountability to set you on your chosen journey.</p> <p>If any or all of these questions are resonating with you, you might just be in the very right place and exactly the right time to join me and make your dreams happen!</p> <p>I am so super DUPER excited to hop on this path with you and look forward to widening this Circle of magical creative living to include YOU!</p> <p>As an aside, an annual subscription makes a wonderful gift for anyone in a place of change or mid-pivot.</p> <p>FREE SHIPPING</p> <script type="text/javascript" id="pw_5d25db5feeb00" src="https://app.paywhirl.com/pwa.js"></script><script>// <![CDATA[ paywhirl('button',{autoscroll: 1, domain:'crispina-ffrench' ,uuid:'6366cce8-3bd0-4df7-a545-11ff698635f9', button_image: '' },'pw_5d25db5feeb00'); // ]]></script>