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Button up shirt Skirt - Blue Flannel

$ 97.00 USD

Product Details

<p>This one of a kind skirt was sewn out of a button-up cotton flannel shirt. It has a super comfy shirred elastic waist. It has ample pockets, so you have a handy spot to stash your phone and keys. Shirt-Skirts are great over tights, leggings or yoga pants in cooler weather, as well as in the heat of summer. Cotton is soft and cool, machine wash and dry-able, durable, wearable, colorful, and all recycled.With its super stretchy waist, this skirt can fit a wide range of sizes. It is photographed on a size 8 dress form.</p> <p>While laying flat, this skirt measures:</p> <p>Waist un-stretched: 9.5�۝</p> <p>Waist stretched: 20�۝</p> <p>Width at hips: 22�۝</p> <p>Length in middle: 19�۝</p> <p>Length at side: 17�۝</p> <p>Care instructions: Machine wash on cold and dry.</p>