There IS A Path Outta Here

Hello Sweet Earthling ~

Lately I have been going deep inside and clarifying what path to take. If you have been around awhile you know that the road has been a little rocky for me since the death of the best son in the world, (my son Ben). He was 26 and was an awesome guitarist, playing in a few different wedding bands and his passion project, The Lost Collective. He was a great home cook, the best big brother in the world, solid travel companion, enlightened conversationalist, and fricken funny.

He and I were tight. We spent a lot of time together. He introduced me to all sorts of music, we went to shows together, shared recipes, ate oysters, laughed our asses off, and we went to Dr.’s appointments together.

Ben was going through the super grueling process of getting evaluated for a heart/lung transplant. He actually made the list the day after he died on July 30, 2019.

He had a cardio-myopathy and was diagnosed when he was 2. At that time the doctors told us he would live for 18 months. They were wrong. We were super blessed and had a great time together for 24 years.

So now, I am evaluating my path. I am focused on self-care and healing.

For nearly a year, I have been deep diving into learning new platforms and really embracing authentic online communication.

So, here I am, being authentic and sharing my path to learn how to be content, engaged, excited, organized, focused, and whole in the wake of such great loss.

As soon as my self-care ritual began to take shape, I realized that my process answered a lot of the questions that you ask me.

How do you get and stay inspired?

How do you choose to focus time on creative endeavors?

How do you get started? Get motivated?

How do you organize your time?

How can I get hip to environmental balance?

There was so much overlap in what I need to focus on right now and your questions that it makes a whole lot of sense to me to collaborate!

See, I could really use support and accountability and it seems like y’all need the same. Seems to me that we are interested in the same outcome – an embraceable life. You know, a life full of all the confidence, fun and adventure that deep in your heart you desire and know you can live but there have been obstacles keeping your focus elsewhere.

So, my friend, I am jumping in the deep water of process. While my grief is deep, I am excited.  You wanna join me?

Please enjoy this first of four videos in my Living An Embraceable Life course. Feel free to share it around the interwebs with your friends and if you are not already, hop on my emailing list so I can let you know when the next segments are ready.

Thanks for being here with me.