Planetary Rescue Series - Day 4

Hello Sweet Earthling ~

In an effort to help us all live a little gentler on our sacred planet, I have kicked off a brand new thing for me.  ~  It is a 30-day challenge presented by a coaching club I belong to.  The idea is for me to gain comfort public speaking, sharing my message and formulating a path forward while building my audience. The suggestion is to ‘go live’ on Facebook and Instagram every day for30 days and talk about what I am most passionate about.  


You might already know that I am especially passionate about careful consumption and environmental stewardship as we work to reverse direction on our climate crisis.  I invite you to tune in to myPlanetary Rescue series everyday at 11am EST on both my business Facebook page and Instagram feed and then interact! Let me know you are watching by leaving a comment, posing a question, or sharing the feed.


My Planetary Rescue series got underway on Black Friday – as a way to offer alternatives to the crazy dash to spend more money than might be comfortable on gifts that might not fit the needs or desires of the recipients and be detrimental to our environment.  


I just recorded Day4 when we talked all about supporting local handmakers with your shopping dollars.  Below is a recording of today’s session.  Tomorrow we will discuss other environmentally thoughtful gifting criteria before we move into the gift guide portion of the series.  If you know of a company that you think would be a good fit for a Planetary Rescue Gift Guide feature please be sure to share your knowledge in a comment or pop me an email.