ReConsumer-Eyes - Mountains of Laundry

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This week our theme is Cleanse and I am taking this super literally today!

Today I want to let you in on one of my trade secrets while assisting you to cleanse your household of a few toxins in the process!

I talk a lot about being an avid environmentalist and do my best to utilize environmentally friendly living practices.  I joke about needing a 12-step program for recycling, like it is ok to throw things away sometimes! I do not have to devise a new use for each and EVERY disposable thing that passes through my hands (but honestly, I do feel compelled to try).

Back when I was a kid in elementary school we watched a movie about the Great Lakes and Erie Canal.  One of the lakes had actually caught fire. It was a festering pool of plastic waste, industrial sludge and household toxins that had turned the once pristine lake into something so unnatural that it was on fire. Astounding!

That same viewing pointed out the soapy-ness of the lakes with enormous iceberg impersonators that were actually giant floating soap bubble blobs that covered the surface of the lake. Horrifying!

The Great Lakes are looking a whole lot cleaner today but those childhood images stuck with me and planted a seed that grew!  It seems like from that day on that I would do anything in my power to keep my impact on our natural environment to a minimum.  It was clear that my simple decisions had an impact – like what kind of soap to use, what kind of containers to use, how to steer clear of single-use plastic.  As a kid, this stuff all just seemed so simple to me.  Not surprising that I have spent my life’s focus on creating ways for people to recycle all manner of discarded materials.

A few years ago I sat down and calculated how many pounds of clothing my production company kept from the landfill and it was mind-boggling!  We kept over 1,000,000 (that is ONE MILLION!) pounds of discarded textiles out of the waste stream just in our own production!  It is impossible to figure how much waste my teaching and students have added to that solid number but it is a lot and I am so proud!  It is my passion and business to encourage easy and creative textile waste recycling.

A million pounds of used clothing and textile waste is a whole lot of laundry!  We have carefully laundered every single item that we have recycled – which uses a lot of water and laundry soap.

Tons of research went into the decision to use Bio-Pac laundry soap and I have been using it for years for my family and business.

Not only is the product free of petroleum distillates, dyes, perfumes and chlorine, it really cleans, AND their company philosophy really resonates with me.  True Eco Warriors!  You can learn all about them here. Learn all about all of their products and think carefully about the cleaning agents you use. Your choices do make a difference.

Do you have an environmentally kind cleaning product or method for household cleaning? Scroll down and share it in the comments. The more the merrier!