Iron Clad Guarantee

The product you buy from Crispina.com is guaranteed to be well made. If you are anything less than pleased with your purchase, returns for store credit or a full refund are available within 10 days of receipt. We ask that you email us at hello@Crispina.com to let us know what you will be returning and why so we can be sure to keep an eye out for it at the post office. Once we receive the return your store credit or refund will be emailed for the purchase price plus shipping if we deem the product defective. If the product is not defective, shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.


It is often that long time customers request repairs on their Crispina pieces due to wear from years of use, moth damage, or other. While we are happy to repair any damaged Crispina goods, we also offer a lot of free tutorials on how to repair your purchases yourself. We charge $75/hr for repairs plus shipping.