Organization (and Removing Obstacles)

weekly theme workflow Jun 12, 2019

If you have been around for awhile you might know that each week we pick a theme that helps us focus and move into places that need our attention. This week the theme is Organization – not like an organization but more like, organizing myself.

I am hell-bent on overcoming my obstacles and for the last few months I have invested time meditating and journaling with the goal of clearly identifying my biggest obstacles. Settling into our theme this week, Organization, a little voice in my head is praying, “please, let me get this right this time, let me take the time it takes to organize, plan and schedule my workflow to be most productive!” That little voice just taught me that THIS is my biggest obstacle! Magical how the universe serves up just what I need right on time.

Let it be known that I am committed to create a schedule that allows for the satisfaction of success, while resulting in having the most fun and leaving the hurrying and stress of always feeling...

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