Self Care: If Not Me, Then Who? By Donna Motta

the future is female Mar 17, 2019

Photo Credit: Donna Motta... Backyard Coop/ Snowy Wonderland!


Hello all! While hunkering down in this beautiful New England snow blitz, self care has become a topic near and dear to me. I actually, not so secretly love when Mother Nature herself says “mental health day!”


These past 4weeks have given me more than ample time to fall in love, yet again, with my sanctuary I call home! Don’t get me wrong... we have our share of crazy days, and loud voices... multiple instruments being played simultaneously... animal mishaps... miscommunications and such; yet, my home is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is filled with complex, imperfect humans who are all striving for something, as all are. That is bound to create conflict at some point; so, how do we navigate in peace and growth?

Photo Credit: David Motta... Sour Dough Bread from Wild Yeast

 Here’s where self care and love come in! It all sounds so...

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Making Peace with Perfection by Jayme June

the future is female Apr 14, 2018

For a good long while I've wanted to start a blogging business. My main 9-5 gig is in digital marketing for a $40 billion company so I definitely have the confidence to say that I know what I'm doing in this space. I lead a healthy lifestyle, it's picturesque and there's a lot of good style, adventure and beauty going on pretty much everyday. Bottom line: there's good content there and I know how to market (aka monetize it). But something has been holding me back! And I finally realized what it was the other day: perfectionism. Part of me is totally terrified of not being perfect. 

I am really interested in this whole layering smoothie thing that's taking over Instagram lately. I'd pretty much put my whole life in a Vitamix if I could so I love the idea of coming up with new - super healthy and jacked up - recipes. So I set out to create one of my own. I took a little mix of Goop, Alison Wu and Purely Kaylie and made an awesome combo of cashew cream and nice dream and...

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Keep it Simple by Donna Motta

the future is female Apr 13, 2018

I  am guilty!

Photo Credit: Donna Motta

Why do I try to overcomplicate everything? Sometimes, to just sit back, and let things just be… is really the answer.

I always see this in hindsight. My prayer is that I will begin to be mindful of this process while I’m in the heat of it all!

 There is too much life to enjoy, to love and live without wasting precious moments with worrying… fretting… bickering… petty jealousies.


Photo Credit: Donna Motta

The irony of life: zealous energy of youthful fire, never matches the seasoned, sometimes slower grace of older years. And that is a beautiful thing.

Even in that, I believe I have potential to become anxious. Neither stage is better: both offer beauty, and potential. Both offer incredible opportunities to grow and learn, embracing a constant flux of new changes.

Maybe I have too many things… too many clothes, or socks, or books, or...

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Simplicity by Madeline Stewart

the future is female Apr 12, 2018

Life is an extremely complex web of connections and layers and incredible things we will never understand completely...but it also has a beautiful simplicity to it - patterns and parallels, structure and alignment. It at times seems chaotic, but that lens can be shifted to see the order and experience the calm - and that is an incredible skill to practice.

We each tend to live life in the way that we view it - which for me is an interesting combination of a calm complexity. I can go with the flow and accept change into my life, but there is always so much going on, always more being added to the picture in both quantity and depth.

Sometimes I want to step back, relax, reflect, then do things differently.

I don't always end up allowing that desire to be fulfilled. 

But it is valuable to recognize it, and pull it back into attention from time to time - recognize my own patters, and start seeing them differently in me so they can also become different in the world around as...

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Simplicity in Thread by Shari Moraga

the future is female Apr 11, 2018

I began my second career as a fluke. I was nearing the end of a very large job that was anything but simple. I had painted  trompe l'oeil plasterwork and sky on a barreled dining room ceiling, hand painted chinoiserie walls in a powder room, painted the master bedroom with gold and blue for a very simple and elegant harlequin effect and painted the entry way ceiling with gilded fleur de lis.  I was tired, on scaffold for over a few months and very grateful for the creative opportunity. I was also always adding to a mural in my son's room that started out as a nursery with a bare tree with bluebirds. As he grew and asked for more animals, so did the mural. Anyway,  I wanted to give the homeowners a special thank you gift and as they loved to cook and had a stunning kitchen to cook in, I thought I would make them aprons and tea towels. My work, then, was simple. I had started out painting on canvas or tea towels then added...

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The Future is Female (And Male) and On Time

the future is female Apr 09, 2018

This week wraps up a nearly 4 month endeavor here called The Future is Female which kicked off with the new year and my new found focus on creating a future previously only dreamed of.  During this time I have been joined by many amazing female contributors, to whom I feel amazing gratitude.  We have acted as an accountability team and have all been empowered to write and publish our thoughts that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, even by each of us.  Each woman who has contributed their thoughts and images here has helped us all understand that there is magic and connection all around us.  A seemingly random group of women have found connection through me which just lights me right up!  



These last two weeks have presented me with a particular challenge and a deep realization that I suck (or have sucked in the past) at time management.  Time is the trickster (last week’s theme).

For 13 weeks my post day has been...

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Simplicity Rules the Day by Suzi Banks Baum

the future is female Apr 08, 2018

Did you start your making by sewing?

I almost did. My earliest beginnings of making started with finger painting with my Dad's shirt on backwards for an apron, to weaving cotton looped potholders and coloring mosaics in the S&H Green Stamp booklets we picked up at the Red Owl grocery store. Sewing was the first act of making that confounded me though. Its complexity kept me awake thinking about design, and attracted me to sew things for myself that I could actually wear. There was independence to sewing, and utility. Sewing became the reason I babysat, so I could go downtown to JC Penny's and pore over the large paged books of Simplicity and Butterick patterns. Threads, fabrics, findings, and tools, all enchanted me and pried my hard earned dollars out of my 11-year-old hands. 

From the beginning, I sewed for other people. My neighbor and best friend Barb, both to my sister Becky and me, was game...

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Tricks of the Trade by Donna Motta

the future is female Apr 07, 2018

Joints, hair follicles, skin cells, lenses, ear drums, teeth and gums, lips, hands and feet...


All mischievous tricksters that hide around corners, and peek from mirrors at me; as I, a vibrant young woman, go about my day!


It’s both beautiful and mysterious; I feel so young and unchanged as time marches on and over my exterior.

Photo Credit: Hope Motta- Arcadia Wildlife Reserve


My heart remains hopeful and filled with joy. My mind remains filled with energy and inspiration. I even still have flying dreams; where I simply spread my arms and push off, and I’m soaring weightlessly above all below me. I spin, and soar... then dive down and catch myself last minute, to regain fluid altitude... without losing a breath, or missing a beat.


I wake from these dreams smiling, filled with peace. I then stretch, and try to stand, and realize suddenly I am still weighted down with... me. It’s a lot like getting out of a pool...

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Tricky McTrickster by Shari Moraga

the future is female Apr 06, 2018

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date. Tricked by the mesmerizing columns, numbers and receipts. Tricked by government forms. Ugh, I meant to get my blog post up on Tuesday but there was a nagging voice, joined by that little obnoxious reminder tab that kept popping up in the upper left hand corner of my screen. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. Complete, Remind me in 5  minutes, Remind me in one hour, Remind me tonight, Ignore. I just had to stop hitting ignore day after day. 

Taxes, that brings me to another trickster, the one that won't share his taxes. Wikipedia characterizes a trickster as: "In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a character in a story, which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behavior."  While, the person that I am referring to plays tricks and disobeys rules, one IN NO...

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How Deceiving by Damaris Obi

the future is female Apr 04, 2018

I have been all about self discovery this past month and this past week was no different. I found it interesting to realize how often we give in to fantasy. I am in hospitality at the moment and corporations in America are solely focused on the ultimate consumer. I found myself astounded this week at the level at which we as people check out and allow ourselves to spend so much of our hard earned cash on frivolous activity. A parent spent 3,000 dollars the other day on her daughters 3rd birthday. 


Another man spent half a million on his son’s 10th birthday. When asked if he wanted to try platters, more music, more lights, more play, the answer was yes, yes and yes.


We the influencers are trained to do this. We are trained to sell you items in such a way where we can appeal to your subconscious mind and make you believe that you want that item you in reality do not need. Because the biggest issue I find we have as humans is allowing the world...

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