Healing Soups - by Brooke Marie

recipes Jan 04, 2019

Today is soup week! Although I have made a few other soup recipes like this Vegan Tomato Soup, I don’t make much! Since moving to the East Coast I definitely eat more soup because well… the weather is much much colder.

I’m working with Crispina now, and I resonate with her a lot because I’m also an advocate of sustainability, environmentalism, and recycling. (You should see all of the seltzer cans in my apartment – time to bring them in and recycle!) And her whole approach is to save, reuse, and/or recycle the goods that we can.

This week’s theme around the office is SOUP! People are getting sick which means soups are being made. Crispina mentioned making a vegan delicata squash soup – so I decided I’d take that idea and come up with a recipe for all of you and all of her awesome peeps. Let’s build community, my friends. I’m also going to be making a Soup Cozy out of an old sweater following along with...

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Warm Your Autumn Kitchen with Ginger Molasses Cookies

recipes Oct 03, 2018

Every once in a while you will find recipes posted here.  I love to bake sweet treats although sugar and animal products are not on my list of things to eat - I bake for my kids and the pleasure I find in perfecting cookie recipes and adding a handmade, love-filled treat for their lunch boxes.    

10.02.18 Ginger Molasses Cookbook.jpg


When we were kids, my sisters and I walked to and from school and often we would stop by Williams and Sons Country Store right on Main Street in Stockbridge, MA where we grew up.  Mr. Creelman, who ran the little shop with his wife had a special softspot for my little sister.  Everyday he would give her a piece of penny candy.  Sometimes I had enough pocket change to get one of Mrs. Creelman’s most delicious ginger molasses cookies.  Those were good days – and those cookies were savored every step of the walk home if they lasted that long. 

If I remember correctly, the local newspaper printed Mrs....

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