Finding Happiness

Through my work as a textile-recycling artist, I have noticed that making, using discarded materials, builds a sense of contentment, of satisfaction and actually, even - empowerment. Witnessing this transition is why I love teaching my craft.

Recently it has become clear to me that teaching my craft serves people on many levels:

Firstly, it serves me – empowering people really rocks my world.

And secondly participants in my retreats and workshops come for many reasons that usually fall into these categories:

Some students want to master my craft. These folks are sometimes interested in building a portfolio or even a business using skills honed of my tutelage, cause they love to work with their hands and making stuff with discarded materials makes them feel magical. (Makes me feel that way too!)

Others want to delve into a simple process of turning garbage into treasure for fun. That sounds a little dramatic but the truth is that my process opens the door into that realm.


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Uncharted Territory

family grieving re-entry Aug 24, 2019

New terrain here – walking through my days with a sense of loss and lostness while at the same time feeling more connected than ever to my friends and community. The outpouring of love and support holds me up, keeps my knees from buckling with grief. Helps me know that I can find some sort of normal.

Ben taught me that finding a secure positive path forward is the right way. He taught me that I have that power even in the face of an unexpected, or at least unprepared for, seismic shift that changes my path.

So, now, for Lucy and for Violet, I am seeking a place to land where I can earn a living, support you with a direction toward all that is wonderful and use my own advice to find my path to our shared destination. For Lucy and Violet I need to land, in a place of processing and a new normal with the idea of a sunny, positive and fun-loving future, just around the corner. 

Before things in my life began spinning, I had this idea that my gift is actually to help people...

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Moving Through Grief

family grief re-entry Aug 18, 2019

This summer has been a whirlwind of loss, of love and support, and of healing that will be my path for the foreseeable future. You can read back through a few of my recent posts here and on my social media to learn more on the topic. This post will be focused on plans for learning and attaining some tasks in the forward direction.

I’m standing at a crossroad of the grief and pain of great loss and bright shiny future that has been my focus in the past. I am ready to walk carefully toward my goal of financial freedom and increased global impact while traveling through my grief and sadness, honoring all that it is and processing it with the intention of re-entering the world in a way that allows me to serve the universe, and you, and also serve me. My son taught me that serving me always holds priority, as from a healthy place of self-care is the best way for me to share my gifts and that means processing this untold level of deep grief I’m feeling now.

My friend Erinn and...

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Remembering Ben

family grieving re-entry Aug 15, 2019
My family - L to R, Brother-in-Law Pat, Sister Sofia, Niece Lily, Me, Niece Jamie, Son Ben, Daughter Lucy, Husband Chris, Daughter Violet photo taken December2018.

I have had the most difficult last two weeks in my life. My sweet son Ben died on July 30. He was 26. He had lived his life with cardio-myopathy and resulting pulmonary hypertension. Diagnosed at 2.5 years and given 18 months to live. He far surpassed any medical expectation and filled our lives with love and music. I’m reeling over here while holding his love close and knowing we had a beautiful time together.

This chapter of my life is kinda weird for me. Feeling so vulnerable and sharing that here – it feels authentic yet a bit uncomfortably public. Having thought deeply about it for the last two weeks, it feels right. It feels like this change in my life has an impact on my forward motion. So to be truly authentic it feels important to share this here.

As I navigate re-entry into business and making...

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