Team Member Spotlight - Brooke Bridges

my team Mar 01, 2019

My team is an amazing carefully selected handful of magic-makers!  I love to acknowledge their skill, encourage their passion and share with you what they bring to Team Crispinaffrench.  It is always so nice to have a name and a face that match up with the interactions we share here.  My goal to share behind the scenes, real-life business acumen begins with team introductions – there is just no way I could be where I am today without the amazing talents of these special people!  Today we kick off a new feature, introducing each team member here.  So, my friends, fans, followers and family, this is Brooke Bridges!  She started with me as my Visual Communications Manager and has morphed into much more than that.  While you delve into learning all about what Brooke brings to the table, let me ponder an appropriate title for this gorgeous powerhouse!

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Hi All! My name is Brooke Bridges. I do quite a...

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