Are You Ready for Love?

holidays Jan 08, 2019

It is funny, my husband is really not into it – chalking Valentine’s Day up to a ‘Hallmark’ holiday created to bump sales at a time of year when things are at a low.  I get his thinking but I see it as a golden opportunity to let the people you care about know.  For me, the holiday season is a crazy mad-dash to the end of the year with too many obligations to really be thoughtful in personal communication.  Right when I start to feel regretful for not sending personal notes in with all the gift calendars I send, or taking the time to write a card to my sweet elder friends or just letting the people I am closest too, know how much I love them, It’s Valentine’s Day!  Yippee!

When I was a kid, at school we exchanged cards.  It was super fun to make the cards for each of my classmates thinking about what colors or images they would like best.  Later, it was fun to receive...

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Handmade, Recycled, and Joyful Holidays Coming!

holidays Nov 13, 2018

Hey Guys! I am really excited about the upcoming winter holidays! This season has traditionally been my favorite time of year. Warm kitchen wafting baking scents through our cozy forest home. Chill outside for romping in all that is Nature’s beauty. Craft ideas are flowing for gift giving, decorating, and sharing.

11.14.18 Wreath.jpg

It’s important to me to steer clear of the excessive consumption, gift ‘obligation,’ and meaningless gift-giving that generates piles of waste. I know my tribe is filled with caretakers of the earth, too, and I want to help you create beautiful, meaningful gifts and decorations this year.

11.14.18 Little Envelopes.jpg

For many years, I have made most of the holiday gifts and decorations in our home. Our family designs and prints The Dolphin Studio calendars which are wonderful gifts for anyone on your list.  Each year on Black Friday we kick-off the season with Community Make Day, when we invite our neighbors into the studio to learn and make...

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