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future is female Jan 06, 2018

Hello! My name is Madeline Stewart and I like to climb trees


I feel free with the air swirling and open views from all sides. It is refreshing to be in a space where the birds and squirrels hang out, while humans walk past obliviously, if at all.

I am a creature who gets really close to the ground to check out colorful grains of sand among miniature moss forests. I am a chaser of sunsets, climbing high to extend the distance of passing light.

I am starting to find ways to share these joys and explorations, which is part of why I am writing here today.

I have just embarked on the final months of my Undergraduate career in Glass Art at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In approximately two and a half months, my Thesis Show will be displayed, followed by graduation a month after. I am stepping nearer to a major transitional period in my life…but before I get there, I am immersed in this home stretch of completing my Thesis; the accumulation of four big years of...

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Introduction of Introductions

future is female Jan 02, 2018


Welcome the first post of The Future is Female – a 7 week-long pilot project of 7 women on a mission to accomplish goals.  We begin with INTRODUCTION/S.

This already empowering project has me focused on making my way to creating the life I desire by clearly envisioning and then developing my work to support it.  For what seems like the last decade, I have been distracted with too many demands and constant interruptions.  2018 and the development of The Future is Female has me focusing on creative work that not only supports me financially but also feeds my soul.  Since the beginning of my adult working life I have never paid much attention to making money.  It has usually, but not always, been there to meet my basic needs of the moment.  Today I find myself looking to my future and realizing that money brings power and the ability to share, support, and grow.  So with great pride let me tell you that beginning now, and moving into my...

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