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day in the life Sep 18, 2018

We live in a cozy deep forest cabin where my sweet hubby spent his summers as far back as he can remember.  Since his teens he has lived here year ‘round.  Over the years full-on electricity and running water, a beautifully handmade addition with radiant heat, and lots of insulation have been added by my ever-able and very handy hubby.  He added a garage, an attic storage space and bolstered up bare wooden walls in the oldest part of the house with insulation and sheetrock.  I love our little home.  It is cozy, warm in winter and cool in the hottest parts of summer. 

09.17.17 Maple Lodge.jpg

As our daughters grow and our burning desire to have dinner parties and house-guests keeps knocking at the door, we have slowly arrived at the decision that we need more room.  A few years ago we bought the house two doors down.  It was in need of a complete interior makeover and...

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