Controversy vs. Advocacy

current events Oct 04, 2018

The News from The Dolphin Studio is that our February image is causing a stir. Take a read below for the letter we sent out to our Dolphin Studio customers.

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Oh, and one of the reasons there is such a stir about our image is here. When something so beautiful comes out of corporate America it deserves celebration~

Here is the Letter we sent:

Dear Beloved Calendar Customers,

Thank you for supporting our nearly 50-year-old family business.  The Dolphin Studio deeply values each and every one of you whether you’ve been supporting us since 1970 or you are new to our tribe.

10.04.18 Colin.jpg

It has been brought to our attention that our original February 2019 image portraying Colin Kaepernick to celebrate Black History Month is seen by some as controversial.

We get it.

The ffrench family continues a long line of racial justice seekers, so it is important to note that we see Colin Kaepernick’s actions as brave respectful and honorable.  We...

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