Finding Happiness

Through my work as a textile-recycling artist, I have noticed that making, using discarded materials, builds a sense of contentment, of satisfaction and actually, even - empowerment. Witnessing this transition is why I love teaching my craft.

Recently it has become clear to me that teaching my craft serves people on many levels:

Firstly, it serves me – empowering people really rocks my world.

And secondly participants in my retreats and workshops come for many reasons that usually fall into these categories:

Some students want to master my craft. These folks are sometimes interested in building a portfolio or even a business using skills honed of my tutelage, cause they love to work with their hands and making stuff with discarded materials makes them feel magical. (Makes me feel that way too!)

Others want to delve into a simple process of turning garbage into treasure for fun. That sounds a little dramatic but the truth is that my process opens the door into that realm.


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