Travel Preparations by Shari Moraga

am embraceable life Jun 19, 2018

My son and I have the fortuitous luck, one could say, luck of the Irish. We are prepping for a trip to Ireland in which he and I will be adventuring with one of my oldest friends, college roommate and lover of textiles and her two daughters. It's gonna be "deadly craic."  Lots of fun. 

She has 3 eggs

She has 3 eggs

This week is about getting things in order with work, the garden, the chickens and ducks and the feral pea hen sitting on her eggs in our front yard. It used to be I would prepare meals for my husband and leave them in the freezer, but that is now on the back burner, actually, not any burner. He is on his own. First in line is work. I have a few items to make, material to cut and give my studio assistant all she needs to take with her so she can get some work done at her house while we are gone. Second, makes sure the water line is hooked up to the well and a timer so the garden doesn't wilt while away. My husband has a work trip up in Wyoming for part of...

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Cousins & Music: Support for Staying the Course by Nancy Fitzpatrick

am embraceable life Jun 15, 2018

Of course, the Course is Life. At my age I cannot avoid the fact that I stayed, strayed and, yes, have even paid for most of mine.  With luck, I have some years ahead but the truth is that I have more time behind me than in front. It’s interesting to sift through the past and identify elements in my life that have supported me on my course for 71 years. This past week two things were crystal clear: cousins and music.

I have 15 first cousins, 3 on my father’s side and 12 on my mother’s. Even though my parents’ sibling relationships weren’t always perfect, the cousins have woven in and out of my life regularly all along, I know each one. I have their phone numbers, their emails and their physical addresses. I know the names of their children and their grandchildren. I know I’m welcome to show up at their door anytime. That’s a good...

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