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the future is female Jan 25, 2018

Life is a continuous Work In Progress

Progress is recognizing that wherever I am at this moment, I have experienced and learned many things to get here - What is happening now will always be a part of my progression for the next day.

Sometimes I feel stuck when the ideas aren't flowing as much, or I feel a need for a change of direction, or a reminder of why I am on this particular path...But I know that what I am going through, even if it feels stagnant, also helps me grow.

Cicada in a tree I climbed in September

Cicada in a tree I climbed in September

I can look back now and see all the incredible things that have occurred to get to this point. Reflecting on the experience is easier than seeing it in during the process - I can now connect many more dots that show the path I've unknowingly been on to get to where I am today.

From discovering my love for connecting and spreading curiosity and creativity, now producing a body of artwork to show and share these creations even farther - while at the same time working towards finding structure, balance and wellness within my personal life...this past year has felt like the biggest progression of my life so far.

The main area where I see myself progressing at this time is through my art endeavors. Each projects has its lessons and challenges, and helps me better understand where I would like to go next.

My current artworks in progress include:

Creating a documentary video of the Pocket Object Project - collecting videos, pictures, writing and poetry and other creative responses to participant's Pocket Object experiences. The major challenges of this endeavor are getting everyone's responses together, figuring out how to make a good video (I'm getting lots of help with this), and pushing myself to start recording my personal shpeals on the Project itself. This has progressed in major ways over the past months, but I still struggle A LOT if I am trying to record myself just talking. My newest plan is to audio record myself throughout the day when I hand Pocket Objects out, so I can later listen to myself in that flow of the moment.

Getting the Connection Capsules out into the world - I have been struggling to make this happen, with the only thing holding me back being the words for the note in the capsule. I get caught up, thinking what I've written doesn't do what I'd like it to, or isn't getting a message across...I think I just need to get them out there, and it's ok if I just put a bunch of words down and let it do what it will. The stagnation of this project has made me feel like I haven't been making progress, but I see that it is just a temporary pause. It will continue when the time is right.

Creating a series of Collaboration Capsules - These are part of a project that stemmed from the Connection Capsules. I wanted to provide a platform for others to directly influence the artworks as a whole, through designing the note, and my glass creation being inspired by their design. I love the range of designs, as each individual considers the concept of a message in a bottle differently. Where some people would like to keep an image inside, others would like to have a phrase, or a poem that speaks to their soul. I am excited to see where this project goes as it grows from many ideas and inputs.

Stephen Ferm, Jarryd Pezzillo, Tate Newfield, Ori Ben-Shir, Madeline Stewart

Stephen Ferm, Jarryd Pezzillo, Tate Newfield, Ori Ben-Shir, Madeline Stewart

I'm sure the future will show me things I can't see at this point - I look forward to reflecting on the progress that has occurred when I get there!

-Madeline Stewart


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