Widening the Circle

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2019

It is so awesome to have a chance to get to know you a little better!  Thanks to each of you who have given me your time and attention to take my survey!  If you haven’t had a chance, and would like to, you take my “Hello!  I am so excited to meet you!” survey here now.

One of the things that you surprised me with is your serious interest in my motivations, inspirations, and business acumen.  This is super exciting for me as it is pushing me in a direction of personal growth and deep thought, into uncharted territory.  For the longest time I really thought that ANYONE could do what I do, it puzzled me to see what a magical life one could create and realize that very few people were choosing to do it.  30+ years of experience has filled my life with entrepreneurial, personal growth, and manifestation knowledge that I am learning to articulate and share. 

As an experiment, I am launching a monthly motivation and inspiration subscription called Circle designed to keep you (and me) accountable to our dreams/goals/life’s work.   Like I said, my friend, this is an experiment so part of what I need back from anyone interested in participating is feedback. 

Here is what I am thinking:

Subscriptions are mailed mid-month in the snail mail and include:

·      An inspirational hand-pulled screenprint suitable for framing (kinda like an uplifting meme - only, to hang on your wall)

·      A simple tutorial for something recycled – with supporting video online

·      A high-value coupon code, special offer, or freebie

·      Links to fresh online resources, teaching videos, motivational, inspirational, and social business tips, tricks, and best practices.

·      Participation in a private online forum

·      First dibs on everything Crispina

·      All for $25 a month.

Are you interested in finding the path to the life of your dreams?  Are you ready to make the changes you need to achieve your goals?  Are you willing to move the obstacles in your path to achieve greatness?  I am so super DUPER excited to hop on this path with you and look forward to widening this Circle of magical creative living to include YOU!

This is one of those ideas that has me so excited it is hard to contain myself. It offers me a tangible way to personally connect with and serve you while keeping me accountable in a real in person way that has seemed lacking. I am super stoked about making Circle work and would love to know how this idea sounds to you.  Is this something you would do?  What would be helpful to you as a reminder to keep your goals front-of-mind?  Please scroll down and leave a comment with your feedback, ideas, or suggestions.  I can’t wait to hear from You!


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