What Does My Female Future Look Like? By Suzi Banks Baum

the future is female Mar 18, 2018

in a complete writer's turnabout, I inverted Crispina's question but I got to my own answer


My future female is elegant because it feels good in her body.

My future female is happy because that is how her skin feels.

My future female does not hide, because being seen lets her be more accountable for her experience.

My future female speaks truth to bullshit.

My future female wears clothing that suits her beauty.

My future female does not worry so much about her waistline and finds enthusiasm, excellence, and pleasure a whole lot sexier.

My future female stokes confidence by devotion to daily practice and builds her work, her business, and her platform authentically.

My future female has a captivating web of women she relates to regularly, her Rampant Sisterhood, which has been building for 9 years. Do you want to join?

My future female has learned to ask for help and receives it with grace.

My future female has a business that is imaginatively affluent, that offers a web of support to unmask the creative fertility of others in the form of books and workshops that bring her all over the world.

My future female is financially stable with a steady flow of income that supports her business, contributes to her family's welfare, and sustains her work in hard to reach places.

My future female trusts in life's unfolding.

My future female knows she is enough.

My future female uses less and less plastic.

My future female dances more.

My future female plants trees.

My future female is frequently found in handstand, riding waves, & on swings. She is often found along or in rivers, inside woods, or peering in to high mountain pools.

My future female celebrates life in ceremony, often in sacred circle with others, because life has shown her that presence and joy are cultivated by ritual.

My future female has dispensed with shame, recognizes its lessons, and has learned that fear indicates toward courage.

My future female is connected to a wide circle of makers who are mutually interested and supportive of innovative, connective, and deep work that reveals ever more daily the beauty in real life.

My future female has stepped in to her place in life.

My future female lives shoulder to shoulder with others in community who stand for justice, protection, resources, and love for all people regardless of race, gender, or politics.

My future female is grateful for each and every day of her life, the calamitous ones that brought her to her knees, and the ones that lifted her up dancing.

My future female knows that the time and place and circumstance of her birth have placed her here for a reason and she wakes each day curious to read the signs left for her by Spirit in the faces of her people, on the lips of poems, in the secret centers of blossoms, and in the intricate whorls of the walnut, icicles and conch. She trusts that enough is revealed for this very day.

SBB walking by Pigeon River by AMO.jpg

Thank you for much for reading me in this gathering of women on Rag. Special thanks to Crispina for gathering us!

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