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Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

What is on your agenda for this September?

Each year as my kids head back to school, we return to a daily routine that brings opportunity to focus in on education – theirs, and mine ~

Summer feels expansive, relaxing, and free and the minute our family swings back to the structure of early mornings, packed lunches, and study, organization and schedule return.

If you have been around for a while you might know that I just love routine and schedules. Being organized AND creating a dependable, consistent, (did I say organized?), pre-planned workflow is my biggest challenge.

I was listening to a podcast interview the other day – where an influencer I am just learning about shared that her heavily pre-planned calendars and schedules are how she has overcome her aversion to, and difficulty with managing her time. She got really vulnerable discussing her undiagnosed-until-adulthood learning disability.

Her words really resonated with me. I too struggle with focus and distraction and look forward to the grounding days ahead when my routine is dictated.   I too was discovered to have a learning disability after being reprimanded for my entire early education for not doing my homework, always assumed to be being a disrespectful defiant jerk - when I just needed help.

So, here I am, half a life-time later working hard to learn what I missed as a kid – to manage my time successfully without overwhelm or self-sabotage.

And you know what? I am doing it!

I am committed to sharing my life-changing process with all who are interested by expanding my offerings. Online teaching has recently been added to my repertoire with lots more to come.

Circle, a $27 monthly creativity empowermentd subscription re-opens September 15th after a really well received test pilot.

Without spilling ALL the beans, let me just tell you that there is a huge surprise coming to the airwaves this fall.

To make all of this super exciting forward motion happen, propelling me along the path of my dreams, I must be well organized, I must plan ahead, and above all, I must overcome my lifelong and biggest obstacles. Only then can I harness the power to create my future.

I spent the better part of the last YEAR trying to figure out what my biggest obstacles are when all along they have been right, slap-dab, under my damn nose since childhood!  My mother certainly sent me her wry chuckle from the next realm as this epiphany landed with me!

Does any of this resonate with you?

Are you ready to take on your biggest obstacles to find your dream life? Maybe you are well on your way? No matter what, I am excited to share this path with you and really excited about some upcoming opportunities we have to connect and collaborate.

So, what ARE you doing this September? What are your biggest goals and dreams? What are some logical next steps to getting where you strive to travel?

Join me for an intimate small group Used Clothing Alchemy Retreat in the heart of my hometown, Becket, MA. September 20-22 we will be diving into a breathtakingly beautiful autumn and creating together.  You’ll come to learn my process and be inspired and you will leave with a new level of creative confidence and clear path to regaining your magic. I will empower you to see things in a whole new way. You will be introduced to a creativity within you that might have never have been considered. You will see clearly how mindset becomes your path and you will find confidence in choosing your mindset and developing a path to your best future.

You need no sewing experience for this work, although if you have years of sewing under your belt, growth and fresh ideas are yours as well.

Bring an open mind and creative spirit – oh and a few freshly laundered pieces of clothing you love that you would like to re-construct and make all new again. You will design and then create a bespoke garment or two or three - all constructed of bits and pieces of garments you bring along to rework. Participants will bond and share and swap all while having a whole bunch of fun and being super creative. This is the only time this small group setting will be available for the next 12 months. We will squeeze in a studio tour, slide presentation and share healthy meals all happening at Canterbury Farm, a Berkshire woodland hide-away just three miles from my studio.

Here is what previous retreat participants had to say: 

“I took a week long workshop on how to use old clothes to make new outfits. It took me a while to get the hang of Crispina’s brave and bold way of handling old clothes but her warm and enthusiastic demonstrations have changed my life!  Since then I have made many more fun and practical pieces of clothing and home decor items on my own. And am so grateful for her inspiration, kind guidance, and high ideals. “ Katie George, MA

“Crispina your workshop exceeded all of my expectations… you are a wonderful teacher, a special mix of knowledge and warmth.” Susan Aronoff, NYC

“I was so extremely fortunate and blessed to spend a weekend retreat with Crispina.  It was a weekend spent with caring, wonderful, likeminded, creative women that I will never forget. Crispina gave and shared her creative genius with each and everyone of us. She made us feel as special as what we each created to take home with us.  Thank you so much Crispina for all that you give and share with this world!  We need more people like you who care so deeply for all people!!” Maeve McGrath, PA

So, if you are ready to see change happen right before your eyes, don't wait and miss out.  This opportunity is limited to just 12.

Register Here.








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