We Are Moving!

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2019

It is the weekend and the weather is amazing!  This morning I got up early, got my morning meditation in, did my homework for the class I am taking, ran in the woods with my dogs and now I’m touching base with you to let you know we are MOVING!  This is so exciting!

You might know that we are renovating a house right down our beautiful dirt road in the deep woods of Becket, MA where we will be living in less than a month!  What you might not know is that the big beautiful church building where my creative space has been housed for the last 13 years has been sold, (BIG YAY!) I am moving my studio into the house that has been our home since the kids were little.  You know what this means?  This means that I will be walking to work, that my environmental footprint will be shrinking substantially by eliminating the 30 minute drive twice a day.  There is so much good about this move it is hard for me to articulate! 

Speaking of articulating, we are just about ready to release the second video in my Mid-Winter Mini Series where I get to address some of the questions y’all have been asking me.  It is super fun to make these videos and when we were shooting this upcoming one, we got laughing so hard that it was kinda hard to regain composure!  Did you sign up to get alerts for the series as each segment becomes ready?  If not, sign up here now and don’t miss out.  There are free tutorials, fun (and funny) conversations, and more!

While we are talking about cool stuff going on around here, let me also remind you that we are giving away one of the awesome heart blankets like those pictured here.  You can enter the drawing as many times as you want, there is sharing, posting, and tagging involved!  Here’s the link to all the details. (You will need to enter Kindness2019 when prompted for a password.)

So, I gotta run to the dump and get some boxes packed.  Hope your weekend is full of all sorts of wonder.


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