Uncharted Territory

family grieving re-entry Aug 24, 2019

New terrain here – walking through my days with a sense of loss and lostness while at the same time feeling more connected than ever to my friends and community. The outpouring of love and support holds me up, keeps my knees from buckling with grief. Helps me know that I can find some sort of normal.

Ben taught me that finding a secure positive path forward is the right way. He taught me that I have that power even in the face of an unexpected, or at least unprepared for, seismic shift that changes my path.

So, now, for Lucy and for Violet, I am seeking a place to land where I can earn a living, support you with a direction toward all that is wonderful and use my own advice to find my path to our shared destination. For Lucy and Violet I need to land, in a place of processing and a new normal with the idea of a sunny, positive and fun-loving future, just around the corner. 

Before things in my life began spinning, I had this idea that my gift is actually to help people find a path of satisfaction, meaning and connectedness. Inspired by the most commonly aked questions I hear:

How did you get started doing what you do?

How do you stay engaged?

What inspires and motivates you?

For years it didn’t dawn on me that people were asking me these things because they wanted direction for themselves. While there is a genuine interest in my story, the real root of these questions lies in the unmet need for people to find the empowerment to set and achieve goals. There is an unmet need for connection and support and encouragement.  All the social media in the world has left us humans feeling lonelier and more powerless than ever.

For a couple of years, I have been studying social media, business in this new age, influencers, online marketing, and the like, in depth. One common thing I hear from all the teachers and coaches I have worked with is the importance of authenticity.

After my son Ben died on July 30, just a little shy of one month ago, I didn’t know how to be authentic without sharing the deep grief in my path. At first it felt so weird to have this super public platform and to be so personal.  I am processing something so hard and heartbreaking and this is how I can do it. This is the legacy I can leave about me and Ben. This is the place I have chosen to process and share all the beauty that was our mother/son connection and the magical memories swirling around my broken heart. In this place of often superficial, filtered, insincere or worse, false, negative, hurtful and bullying, there can be true connection, real support, heartfelt sincerity. Let my sharing inspire you to allow the same.

So, while I continue through this uncharted territory, let me offer you to join me. I am putting the finishing touches on a monthly subscription called Circle.  It is a monthly snail mailing with inpsirational print, book recommendation, monthly mantra, with an online component to faciliatate connection, group interaction, and support.  I started to formulate this offering long before Ben died and have decided that it will be immeasurably helpful to me to reignite the idea with this fresh need and perspective.  So, before it goes out the the world, I would love to hear what you think about the idea. If you have a few minutes, take a look at this short survey and let me know your thoughts.

With so much gratitude for the river of love and support flowing to me in this chapter of my life,



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