Tricksters by Suzi Banks Baum

the future is female Apr 02, 2018

One day this

Another day this.

I just returned from 10 days on the road, during which my husband and I marched with our son and daughter and thousands of others in Washington D.C. Then, he and I trekked on further southwest to North Carolina where I took a book arts intensive with an excellent teacher. Then, over the past two days, we drove back through Washington towards home, arriving on the evening of April Fool's Day, as a just–past–Full Blue Moon rose slowly over the hills. We watched as we spun up the Taconic Parkway.


Time tricked us this week.


First, it swelled slowly, shoulder-to-shoulder with others marching for changes in our nation's gun control laws.

Second, it simmered to a shimmery slick of extended attention as I focused on refining skills and growing new ones. I made two books a day for five days running. I slept nights tucked next to my man in our friend's Airstream trailer parked where we could watch dawn touch the highest peaks on the Eastern seaboard.

Third, time shimmied again, striding across a busy street with my son at my side, fingers woven together. We walked as we have always walked, hands held solidly, our mutual momentum peppered with conversation, laughter, chiding, argument, and more laughter. These moments of shared thoughts, new opinions, blossoming dreams with my baby-now-man play tricks on me. I am a brand new mother snuggling my boy close. I am a grown woman tipping my brow towards his upturned lips, letting him kiss me in this way I have kissed him so many times.


Time tricks me in to thinking it is a flash.

But is a long streak of moonlight on solemn night water.

It is a blazing gaze sent across a room.

It is sudden, this feeling of being still so close to someone who is growing and planning his own future now.


Happy new April.

May what happens with you and time surprise and delight you.




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