Tricks of the Trade by Donna Motta

the future is female Apr 07, 2018

Joints, hair follicles, skin cells, lenses, ear drums, teeth and gums, lips, hands and feet...


All mischievous tricksters that hide around corners, and peek from mirrors at me; as I, a vibrant young woman, go about my day!


It’s both beautiful and mysterious; I feel so young and unchanged as time marches on and over my exterior.

Photo Credit: Hope Motta- Arcadia Wildlife Reserve


My heart remains hopeful and filled with joy. My mind remains filled with energy and inspiration. I even still have flying dreams; where I simply spread my arms and push off, and I’m soaring weightlessly above all below me. I spin, and soar... then dive down and catch myself last minute, to regain fluid altitude... without losing a breath, or missing a beat.


I wake from these dreams smiling, filled with peace. I then stretch, and try to stand, and realize suddenly I am still weighted down with... me. It’s a lot like getting out of a pool after swimming for awhile. 


I love to renew my mind; to meditate and be restored. I love to think, and have fellowship with vibrant, loving souls who inspire me; filling me with new vision!


My physical body; however, feels differently about much of what I love to do. I spend a great deal of my energy commanding my legs, arms, lungs, heart, and hands to obey my heart’s desires to roam and explore.


I spend an even greater amount of my energy commanding my mind to stop freaking out, and refocus on positive hope, and gratitude. Chronic diagnosis can also be tricksters... overwhelming us with doubt and fear for our possible future if we aren’t mindful to not let negative thoughts carry us away!


Photo Credit: Donna Motta

Artist Credit: Laurel Joy Graceson


The honest truth is I am here this day to enjoy my daughter’s hug, or my son’s joke, or my husband’s company. I can watch a sunset with my youngest when she calls me to the porch. “Mom, come and see something beautiful with me.” 

I can watch my middle daughter create her incredible art; I can help my son fundraise for his cross country bike trip. I am here! I don’t care what my body, or my mind tell me to fear... I am here!

My spirit is indeed willing. God is so good to me! My strength, my shield, my comforter... I sometimes, so need comfort! 

So, I will put aside all thoughts filled with fear or uncertainty; and trade them for thoughts of hope and encouragement!

Photo Credit: Selfie!


I will envision myself, and then call myself out as loved, and healed, and strong, and beautiful, and safe!!


I will trick the tricksters!

Photo Credit: Donna Motta- Familia!


I, the ultimate trickster!


I will use the same tools of thought, and language to align myself with a hopeful, blessed outcome here in my present!


Photo Credit: Donna Motta

I will dance beneath, and then gently fly over the full round moon. I will join the swirl of gentle night clouds, and rise, swathed in stunning jeweled mist, with the early morning sun. I will radiate brightly in cloudless blue sky; the warmth of my light illuminating tall, softly swaying grasses, filled with fragrant meadow colors and miniature gossamer dragons.

 Photo Credit: Donna Motta


I will see my sons and daughters mature, and grow; and build lives and families of their own.


I am joyful.


I will be here.


I am.


I will be.

 Photo Credit: Donna Motta

Artist Credit: Jenna Giorgi


May we each grasp the  beautiful, authentic truth of every moment.


May each trickster be revealed as the tiny bearer of falsehood that they may be.


Much love,



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